Metal Buildings in Maryland

In Maryland, summers are as hot as winter is cold! Keeping your car or other equipment in a durable, green building may seem like a dream, but Triple-A Steel Structures provides Maryland steel buildings that will make your dreams come true!

Triple-A Steel Structures uses the absolute best materials to produce MD metal buildings that last. Our dedicated customer service representatives and state-of-the-art virtual 3D Building Designer Tool will assist you in creating the Maryland metal building you’ve always wanted. Triple-A Steel Structures offers rent-to-own and financing options, and shipping and installation of your MD steel building come free with your purchase!

Looking for Metal Buildings in Maryland? Triple-A Steel Structures Has You Covered!

When you're in the market for the most robust buildings in Maryland, look no further than Triple-A Steel Structures. Triple-A Steel Structures is proud to call itself the best dealer in metal buildings across America, and we hold a special place in our hearts for Maryland. So proud, that we offer delivery and installation free of charge.

You're sure to find the building you're looking for in our wide range of customized colors, trims, roofs, and walls to make your metal building perfectly fit in with the aesthetics of the rest of your property. All of the metal buildings from Triple-A Steel Structures are certified to adhere to the only standard that matters – the American standard. Because all of our buildings are prefabricated right here in the U.S., you can be sure there's no damaging Boron in your metal.

Best Metal Buildings in Maryland

Like any of our fine states, Maryland has its own personal selections of favorites. Songs, movies, birds, poems, and yes, type of structure.

Here are some of the most popular metal buildings you'll find in Maryland.

Commercial Buildings

No matter what you're selling, a commercial metal building is a perfect place to sell it. With a clear span interior, allowing customers to walk around free and easy, and superior defense against extreme weather conditions, both hot and cold, there's simply no substitute.

Metal Workshop Buildings

No matter what you're trying to construct, the space to work is always an issue. Hobby shops and workshops take up quite a bit of room. Room that you can adjust with a metal workshop building.

Triple-Wide Buildings

Maryland loves its large vehicles. From truckers to boat-owners, people need a place to store their larger vehicles and heavy equipment. A triple-wide metal building is an ideal place to park your cars, tractors, or boats that would otherwise sit outside barren overnight. This prevents them from being exposed to rust, sun, and rain damage, not to mention the worry that any large trees nearby could easily land right on your most prized possession.

Metal Sheds

All across the country, the popularity of metal sheds for work, storage, or multi-purpose space has been steadily rising for years. This is because self-storage is far less expensive and more convenient than renting out a room in some building on the outskirts of town. Whatever your metal shed's purpose, it can be easily customized to meet your specific needs.

Metal Barns

Even if you aren't much of a farmer, any agricultural endeavor you choose to take on is going to require a lot of space and protection from the weather. Animals, plants, and your equipment benefit from the safety of metal barns. No matter what kind of barn you're in the market for – horse, storage, greenhouse, and more – Triple-A Steel Structures is sure to have precisely what you're looking for.

Metal Garages

What makes metal garages so desirable in Maryland is the protection and security they offer. No matter what kind of car you have, it's important to you and your family. In fact, there are days when you wouldn't be able to live without it. A metal garage can help your car last longer by shielding it from harmful weather and keeping thieves where they should be – away from your belongings.

RV Carports

Like the rest of the U.S., Maryland has seen a rise in RV and boat popularity. It seems in this day and age, Americans want nothing more than to see America's majestic mountains, parks, both oceans, and every lake in between. With all that's going on in the world these days, we wouldn't mind a road trip ourselves. But what to do with such a large vehicle in the off-season? Storing it off-site is an option, but not an inexpensive one. A metal RV carport is ideal for storing your RVs or boat, offering better protection and security than traditional wood.

Metal Carports

The term "carport" is a little misleading, as while a carport is a perfect place to store your vehicles, you can use them for so much more. Family gatherings, office outings, pool cabanas, storage, or whatever else you can think to use them for, a metal carport can give you the space you need.

Custom Metal Buildings

Custom metal buildings have also been on the rise recently, and it's easy to see why. The strength, affordability, and durability of metal make it the perfect area to conduct business, store your valuables or even just have a place to call home.

Transform Your Maryland Metal Building Into Anything!

Metal buildings are known for their customizability. Literally, whatever purpose you can think of for a building, it can be done. Here are some popular uses of metal buildings in Maryland.


Your home is one of your most essential possessions, and more and more, people are turning to metal buildings for inexpensive, customizable, spacious locales to live comfortably.


Many places of worship have turned to metal buildings for their flock to assemble. Churches, as you well know, don't typically make allowances for extravagance, and the affordability of metal, as well as the insulation options that keep their congregation comfortable, is too much to resist.

Dog Kennels

Dogs have a place to call their own in more than 63 million homes in America, but you can't bring Rover everywhere. That's why metal buildings are the perfect dog kennel. With so little space left in America to let your dog run free outside, an indoor kennel can provide the clear span open space your best friend will need when you absolutely must leave them behind.

Retail Shops

With big brand stores like Walmart, Home Depot, and Amazon dominated the marketplace, it can be impossible to make a name for yourself in the retail world. That's why many retail store owners rely on the affordability of metal buildings to give them a leg up, allowing them to redirect some construction funds to advertising or other places where you think it'd be better spent.

And More!

How to Make Your Metal Building Stand Out in Maryland

The answer should be clear by now: Customize! With so many customization options for your metal building, you can make an impression right outside the gate. Triple-A Steel Structures has:

Building Dimensions

Building Dimensions

What size building do you need? Not to worry, Triple-A Steel Structures offer lengths, widths, and heights as per your needs.

Roof Styles

Roof Styles

The weather in Maryland has been known to change at the drop of a hat, with conditions unlikely to be any more predictable in the near future. Triple-A Steel Structures offers roof styles that can help defend against any inclement weather you often encounter. We have styles like:

  • Regular Roof — These roof designs are all rounded on the sides. They're most popular in areas with tepid climates.

  • A-Frame Horizontal — Perhaps better known as the boxed-eave roof, an A-Frame is much like the roof of a home, and has horizontal panels. This isn't ideal for extreme weather conditions, but it's a good choice for fair climates.

  • Vertical — Precisely the opposite of a boxed-eave, the vertical roof's panels are pointed down and offer the best protection against severe weather conditions.

Steel Gauges

Steel Gauges

The higher the number gauge of steel, the less thick it is. So, depending on what part of Maryland you live, you may require 12, thick, durable gauging or the less stable but still excellent 14.



When it comes to dependability, certified buildings offer peace of mind like no other building on the market. And all metal buildings from Triple-A Steel Structures are certified to handle the wind and snow in your area.

Panels, Doors, And Windows

Panels, Doors, And Windows

Keep your building open-air, get panels for the sides or roof or even a window so you can get a great view while inside; all are available options.

Gables, Trims, And Anchors

Gables, Trims, And Anchors

Add the perfect trim or gables on all ends of your roof to make it perfectly fit in with the rest of the buildings in the area. And where are you putting that thing, anyway? The anchor options from Triple-A Steel Structures can help make installation easy and long-lasting in virtually any foundation.



We'll be honest, we don't particularly care for the term "metal building", as it doesn't really do our product justice. It just sounds so cold and unfeeling. But metal buildings need not be hard to look at. With our vast array of colors to choose from, your metal building never needs to be an eyesore.

How Much Will a Metal Building Cost in Maryland?

Many factors affect the cost of a metal building in Maryland. Depending on the size, manufacturer, and customizations you opt to go in for, it can be the difference between a slightly more but still inexpensive building and a relatively inexpensive one.

Either way, you're still on the inexpensive side of things. And Triple-A Steel Structures offers financing options that make it easier to own one now.

MD Metal Building Kits

One of the best aspects of metal buildings from Triple-A Steel Structures is that they come prefabricated, easily installed by you and a few helpers. There are plenty of good reasons for DIY construction, but none are more significant than the sense of accomplishment you'll feel at the end of the project. Triple-A Steel Structures provides the most affordable and high-quality metal buildings for DIYers on the market!

Benefits of Metal Buildings in MD

We've talked a little about some of the benefits of owning a metal building, but we've barely scratched the surface.

Less Expensive

Installing a metal building is far less expensive than doing it with traditional wood.

Install at Your Own Pace

You set the installation schedule, with no heavy demand for completion on any deadline but the one you set for yourself.


There's nothing like the feeling of building something by yourself.


Metal buildings are more robust, longer-lasting, and naturally fire-resistant as opposed to traditional wood. They also don't attract pests.

Lower Insurance Costs

Many insurance companies recognize the quality of metal buildings, and their resistance to fire is an attractive quality for insurers. This may not be the case with all providers, but you should check in your area; the benefits are too great to ignore.

Get Your MD Metal Building from Triple-A Steel Structures Today!

Now that you've really seen the benefits of owning a metal building in Maryland, how can you resist? Their durability, customizability, and protection from any weather you may encounter are far superior to anything else on the market.

Triple-A Steel Structures is proud to sell in Maryland. We're just thrilled to be a part of the community. Remember, you can easily buy a metal building online, so call Triple-A Steel Structures today at (888) 511-0899!

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