The 15 Coolest New Car Features Available in 2021

The auto industry is all abuzz about the potential of robot cars coming in the very near future. With 60 Minutes already running a piece about the concerns of such a reality, including the threat it poses to the jobs of truckers in America, that excitement is dampened slightly. But a little technology never hurt anything, and the new robotic sensors in cars provide fascinating and exciting upgrades older models could never have anticipated.

So, Triple-A Steel Structures took a look at the best new car features out there, from simple things like glowing cup holders and heated seatbacks to more groundbreaking technologies like anti-collision detection and drowsy driver detection. While we’re still the primary drivers on the road, these new features give automobile owners a reason to get excited to drive again.

But we know that owning a fancy new car is a costly decision. That’s why Triple-A Steel Structures offers a line of metal carports and garages, customized for every car and proving the durability necessary to protect your vehicle. With a qualified and dedicated team of experts, we’ll help you make the right choice for you. Contact Triple-A Steel Structures today at (888) 511-0899!

The 15 Coolest New Car Features Available in 2021

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