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Charlotte is the most populous city in North Carolina. The city covers an area of 309.25 square miles and is home to over 850,000. North Carolina experiences a lot of different weather events such as rain, snow, hail, ice storms, and high winds. This weather can be harmful to valuables such as RVs, cars, boats, and lawn care equipment. Metal buildings and carports are an investment that many consider for the protection of their personal property.

Charlotte property owners have many options for the protection of their valuables such as storage rental facilities, wooded sheds, and garages. Storage rentals mean constant monthly bills, wooden sheds are prone to moisture damage, and not every home has a garage, or it is already full. Metal buildings are a cost-effective solution because they can withstand the weather in the area, provide more storage space, and protect your belongings. We offer high-quality RV carports and more.


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Triple A Steel Structures proudly provides custom metal buildings to the Charlotte, NC area. We can create steel buildings or metal RV carports to fit any shape or size area you wish to build it upon. The metal buildings we can build will stand against the test of time, protect your valuables, and give you the extra storage space you need. Our custom metal buildings can also be used for other purposes such as a workshop or as an accessory dwelling unit. Contact us today to discuss your needs and our financing options!

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