Planning to Start a Metal Building Project? Here’s What You Need to Do

Planning to Start a Metal Building Project? Here’s What You Need to Do

You may have noticed an increasing number of metal buildings cropping up around you lately, but do you know they make up more than half of the low-rise, non-residential buildings in the United States right now?

Every part of the building process, including the design, ordering, and installation, needs to be performed systematically to achieve the best possible results for your project. Triple-A Steel Structures is here with some helpful advice to help you get started.

Here Are The Main Factors You Need to Consider

When you have a thorough plan in place to install metal structures, it’s far more likely that your project will go smoothly. In this section, we shall discuss the various factors you need to consider while undertaking such a project.

Practical Considerations: If storage is your building’s intended purpose, you need to consider building high sectional overhead doors that would allow forklift trucks to enter the space. If you’re going to keep livestock inside your metal building, it needs to be well-ventilated for them to remain safe. For metal building installation, the foundation is of the utmost importance. Additionally, the following things need to be considered:

  • Firm and level ground
  • Natural drainage
  • Ease of access
  • Access to utilities
  • Room for possible future expansion

Legal Considerations: In the US, there are different regulations for each state regarding building projects. These regulations are subject to change, so you should always check with local and state agencies to remain updated. An emergency vehicle garage or a church, for instance, may require you to follow a particular set of criteria. Other factors you need to consider are:

  • Building permits
  • Draining requirements
  • Zoning laws
  • Energy codes

Physical Building Considerations: After dealing with the practical and legal considerations, you need to think about the more technical aspects of steel buildings. Again, these will depend mostly on the purpose of your building and various environmental factors.

  • Orientation: Your building will be inevitably exposed to the wind and the sun, so you need to consider orientation-related factors. At what time of the day do you want sunlight coming in? If there is a heavy wind blowing constantly on one side, you may consider limiting any doors and windows on that side.
  • Size (Width, Length, and Height): Buying some extra land for your prefab building will leave the door open for some future expansion without extensive remodeling. Some of the most common sizes for steel structures include 50×100, 30×40, 60×40, and 60×120. You can also create custom sizes for an additional fee.
  • Roof Styles: Regular roofs, A-frame horizontal roofs, and vertical roofs are the more popular choices. You may also consider installing a hip roof or a single slope roof that gives the building a shed-like appearance.
  • Roof Pitch: The roof pitch ratio defines the roof slope. For instance, if the ratio is 2:12, it indicates the roof slope rises by 2 inches for every 12 inches of length. If your metal building is particularly large, the unit may be in meters instead.
  • Doors & Windows: For a metal building, the number of windows is an essential factor as it decides how much lighting the facility receives. You can choose to install insulated windows depending on weather conditions. On the other hand, doors influence the functionality of the steel building and provide clearance for equipment and machinery.
  • Framed Openings: Based on your business requirements, you may need framed openings that act as a garage doorway. If you are building a manufacturing facility or a retail store, you need a large door through which vehicles can enter and exit.
  • Color: This category allows you to be both practical and creative, so you can choose a color that best represents your brand. Color can also serve as further protection; light shades in hot areas, darker in the cold. If you need to match the color with other buildings located close by, the job becomes easier.
  • The thickness of the Steel Framing: A durable steel framing not only makes your metal building weather-resistant but also adds more value to the property. For side panels, you may choose between 12 and 14 gauge steel framing. Roof panels require thicker frames of 26 and 29 gauge.

Prefab Metal Buildings Offer An Array Of Advantages

You cannot understate the benefits of prefab steel buildings. They provide several advantages in comparison to materials used in other brick and mortar buildings.

Energy-Efficient: The insulation options for metal buildings are highly energy-efficient and can cut down your cooling and heating costs by half.

Cost-Effective: By providing insulation and durability, a metal building allows you to save money in energy bills and future repair works.

Low Maintenance: Steel is resistant to pests, rust, and mold, so you can save some money taking measures against these. Such a building only requires a minimum amount of maintenance.

Durable & Long-Lasting: Steel does not rust or catch fire, making it a great option for the long-term.

Fully-Customizable: The layout of a steel building provides much more in terms of flexibility. It has no size limit, which means you can extend it in the future as needed.

Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions: The construction of a prefab metal building makes it weather-resistant. They can withstand snowfalls, heavy rains, earthquakes, and even tornadoes.

Resistant to Fire, Mold, Mildew, and Pests: Fire, mold, mildew, and pests often damage wood and brick buildings, but metal buildings are resistant to these dangers.

Get Your Metal Building Installed Today!

Metal buildings provide a variety of advantages over other materials, such as improved durability and longevity. Now you know about the various advantages of metal buildings, it is time to get one of your own for your next building project.

Triple-A Steel Structures is an established metal buildings dealer, offering competitive pricing and the best lead times in the industry. They provide the best customer service and have a team of experts here to help you through the entire installation process. So get in touch with Triple-A Steel Structures today at (888) 511-0899 to get the best prices in the market!

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