Everything You Need to Know About Standard vs. Triple Wide vs. Wide Span Metal Buildings

Everything You Need to Know About Standard vs. Triple Wide vs. Wide Span Metal Buildings

Metal buildings are growing in popularity across the United States because they are affordable, durable, and totally customizable. From a small garden shed to large industrial units, steel buildings can meet your needs. Here at Triple-A Steel Structures, we work hard to create the buildings that you need so that you can enjoy a property that will last for many years with very little maintenance. Call us today at (888) 511-0899 to get your new metal building ordered and look forward to the simplicity steel can bring to your life.

Standard Metal Buildings for Smaller Storage Requirements

When it comes to standard metal buildings, there are many different types available. Metal buildings can be used for a range of residential structures such as storage sheds, garages, or carports. There is also a range of standard metal building sizes. The standard building will usually range from 12’ to 24’ wide. However, there is no limit on the length of a standard metal building. This means that you can design a metal structure that will meet your needs in terms of width and length.

There are many benefits of standard metal buildings. The materials used to ensure that the metal structure is durable. Steel structures can withstand the worst of adverse climates, including torrential rain, hailstorms, high winds, and even earthquakes. They are also suitable for coastal or humid areas, so perfect for a boat storage structure. In addition to a range of standard metal building sizes, they also come with customizable features. These include the height of the roof, the gauge of the panels, whether the structure has insulation, and any windows. The color of the metal is also often possible to choose from a variety of options.


Triple Wide Buildings Providing Triple the Space

Triple wide buildings are a perfect solution when a larger metal building is required. These structures offer a significant amount of space and are increasing in popularity as their versatility and durability are recognized. Triple wide buildings offer a flexible solution to housing large items or multiple items. Different roof styles are available, including regular, vertical, and boxed-eave. It is important to know that when it comes to triple wide buildings, many areas require building permits due to the size. If you are unsure about the rules in your area, it is always a good idea to check with your local authorities.

Vehicle parking is easy with a triple wide carport. This type of structure can comfortably house a number of regular-sized vehicles. However, when it comes to a triple wide carport, you don’t have to be restricted to parking cars. These large metal structures will comfortably accommodate a large boat or even an RV depending on the size that you go for. The durability of the metal construction will also mean that keeping large farm equipment and machinery away from the elements, such as extreme weather conditions is easy with these types of buildings.

Enhance Your Space by Installing a Clear Span Metal Building

For anyone looking for even more space than a triple wide building, wide span metal buildings are definitely the way forward. Wide span metal buildings are also referred to as clear span buildings. Whatever you choose to call them, they are fantastic for a range of projects. Wide span buildings will usually be large enough to require building permits, and so you will need to make sure you contact the local authorities to ensure your new structure can stay where it is.

One of the reasons they are so versatile and capable of being used for a variety of options is that clear span buildings do not rely on support columns. They get their support from overhead support legs, leaving the indoor space wide open and completely free to be used. Having the option of no dead space within the structure makes clear span metal buildings the perfect option for sports or athletic facilities, indoor go karting, or production facilities that need the space for large machinery.

Clear span steel buildings provide the very best in durability. The materials used to ensure that the structure is capable of withstanding the weather conditions will last for years without needing repair. With such a massive structure, this level of durability should not be underestimated. This also makes clear span steel buildings a great option when it comes to agriculture. Sheltering livestock, protecting harvested crops, or housing your farming equipment are all easy with this type of structure. Clear span building prices vary depending on the size and your requirements, but prices can be found to suit most budgets.

Why Triple-A Steel Structures is the Right Choice for you

Metal structures are a convenient and durable way of providing storage or space for a range of commercial or leisure activities. The range of metal buildings that are on the market allows for a structure that can be selected for any type of project. For smaller requirements, including residential-type structures, standard metal buildings are usually adequate. For larger scale requirements, triple metal buildings and wide span or clear span buildings are flexible on a massive scale.

Triple-A Steel Structures is a leading expert in providing a wide range of metal structures. These include metal carports, metal garages, metal barns, RV carports, and much more. Each structure that is provided by Triple-A Steel Structures is created to the highest quality standard to ensure your safety and enjoyment of the building.

The superior customer service of Triple-A Steel Structures means that your questions will be answered, and you will always receive expert advice. Not only that, you will receive competitive prices and the best offers on the market.

If you know exactly what you need, then use the buy online feature and get your metal structure ordered. If you need to discuss your requirements, then get in touch with our experienced and dedicated team of experts today at (888) 511-0899.

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