Triple-A steel structures are one of the market leaders in manufacturing Metal carports, Steel Garages, Barns, R.V Carports, based in North Carolina, USA. With an experienced team, understanding of the market, newest technology, and state-of-the-art machinery, Triple-A steel structures have tapped into the market and expanding its client reach across the USA swiftly!

The company has built its foundation to provide excellent services to customers, pre and post-sales, creating world-class quality products that stay tall and strong in any weather conditions, and ensuring competitive pricing. At the same time, you finalize choosing the metal building according to your needs.

Our buildings are highly customizable, and our experienced sales & marketing team is there to assist you in building the metal structures precisely the way you’ve been looking for! And with our broad reach across the USA, we are here to hear and serve to your requirements, at your convenience!

Step by step to your future metal building.

As the owner of Triple A Steel Structures, I want all of our customers to have a good review of our product and service. We like to make it easy as possible for you, here at triple-A steel Structures you are dealing with people who know the product from point A to the point where your building is delivered and installed and set up and even after the building is installed if you need assistance we can help you. 

Step by step to your future metal building.

GIVE US A CALL  336-673-3065

One of our sales representatives will assist you and answer all your questions on your metal building.

100% satisfied with the metal building you are purchasing.

17%  Down  payment is all it takes to make your order.

After the order has been placed it usually takes 2-6 weeks before installation depending on the area you are located at.

You will get a call to get you set for an installation day.

After the building is installed and is to your satisfaction you will make the full payment of the remaining balance of your purchase.